You may have made up your mind to embark on your first solo trip. But the biggest challenge you would face is actually making plans to go. That is because even though we may think we are ready deep down we are apprehensive about taking this step. We all know people that post pictures of their solo vacations on social media. If you simply see the pictures you would think that they had the time of their life. But we all know that pictures lie. Therefore that is why we understand that reality of this trip is different from what you made it out to be. However, it is also possible for you to use the internet to your benefit. That is because you can easily connect with others who have traveled by themselves. Therefore you can ask them all you need to know about embarking on such a trip.

Be Confident

We understand that you would be overjoyed about going on the aegean paradise cruise. But you would also be a bit apprehensive. That is because you would be concerned about your safety. Therefore that is why it is important for you to be confident. That is because when you look confident not only would you look approachable. But it would not make you an easy target for the wrong type of people. Therefore that is why it is important to be confident. If you are scared others would be able to see it. This would then make you an easy target for the wrong kind of attention.

Blend In

When you look too much like a foreigner you would be opening yourself up to various scams. Therefore that is why it is important for you to blend in. Make sure to do your research to find out how you should dress for this country. That is because in some countries they do not encourage women to show their bodies. In that instance, you need to wear loose clothes to cover up your body. This would then make it easier for you to blend in with the locals.


When you are travelling by yourself you don’t want to attract unwanted attention. We understand this. But you also need to understand that not all locals are evil. They are not looking to scam you. Therefore make sure to smile at the locals even if you don’t speak the local language.

Travelling alone for the first time can be stressful. But you should consider this to be an adventure in itself.

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