If you’re an avid sports fan and are thinking of treating yourself to a much deserved holiday of fun, relaxation and quality entertainment, then this article is for you. Whether its tennis, soccer, cricket or swimming, there are many annual sporting events you can plan and attend. This way you get to see the sports icons you love and get to do some holidaying at the same time. No doubt, it will be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. So let’s start planning, ready, set, and go!

First Things First

There are many special annual events held in Australia all year round. Depending on what sporting festival you want to attend, you can find the best options and packages to suit you. First find out the dates and venues for these so that you can buy your tickets ahead and avoid disappointment. This is the key step you need to finish before deciding on the other nitty-gritty details. There are many ways you can reserve and buy tickets, even from abroad. So do some serious surfing and decide where you are going to get your tickets.

Australian Open

This is the first major event, held in January over a period of two weeks. The place to be is Melbourne Park. You can be sure to spot all the big names in tennis. There are two trophies: the Norman Brookes Trophy and the Daphne Akhurst Trophy. You can book tickets for one or both events, day or night sessions. There are also off court events too, with concerts and live entertainment all through the two weeks. This is the first grand slam tennis tournament of the year and very popular.

Book Online

Bookings are made at least six months prior to the actual event. Although some might say getting tickets at the venue is cheaper than booking earlier, there are many risks there and you may end up with fake tickets. You don’t want to take that a chance, especially if you are travelling from overseas. Best thing to do is find the best place to get Australian open tickets online.

Formula One Australian Grand Prix

This spectacular racing event takes place in Melbourne. The Albert Park street track is closed to make way for the formula one cars. This track is unique as there are 16 turns and is 5.3 km long. A major event featuring jumbo jets and RAAF Roulettes overhead. There are concerts and many entertaining feats for the car fanatics.

The Ashes Cricket Tournament

A classic and competitive contest that is held between Australia and England every two years. The venue alternates between the two countries. This is the ultimate cricketing competition for the UK and Australian fans. The price is a six-inch high terracotta urn which contains the burnt ashes of a cricket bail.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

This is an event that happens at the end of the year in December. It’s another famous and popular Boxing Day event that is hosted in Sydney by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. It starts in Sydney to finish off in Hobart, Tasmania. This has been held for the last 70 years and is known to be standout amongst the most tough yacht race in the world. The distance is approximately 630 nautical miles (1,170km) and is held with major media coverage.

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